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The Blended Bliss

A combination of Fresh or dried floral and greens, chosen specifically to showcase as a group, in an artful vessel that matches the theme of the arrangement

Blended Bliss Deluxe

A larger Blended Bliss chock full of greens and blooms, in an artful vessel to match the arrangement's theme

Blended Bliss Premium

Chock full of premium focal blooms and combined with a beautiful balance of greens and fresh and dried flowers, in an artful vessel that matches the theme of the arrangement

The Grand Bliss

This large arrangement is a statement maker. Premium blooms to the max, along with the balance of fresh greens and fresh and dried flowers that make our bouquets stand out. 

The Grand Bliss is our largest arrangement, a center piece for any room

Long and Lows

Our long and lows are arranges in a shorter and longer vessel, perfect for settings where the arrangement stands out, but doesn't obstruct views

*** Pictures shown are past examples. Yours will be custom made to the current season and flower availability. ***


Blended Farms offer the gift of beautiful florals on a weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or seasonal basis. 

10% Subscription Discount (taken at checkout):

All floral subscriptions are are non-binding and can be canceled at anytime. 

Please Contact Us for any questions, concerns or subscription pauses or cancellations

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