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Daily Florals & Subscriptions

Home Grown & Hand Crafted

Hand Wrapped Bouquets

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Event Catering

From weddings to dinner parties, bah mitzvahs, funerals, baby showers, and more. Blended Farms has your floral catering covered.

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Blended Farms

Home Grown / Locally Sourced

All of our florals are grown here in Alexandria, VA, or sourced from local flower wholesalers, when needed.

Eco Friendly

Our arrangements are foam free and our bouquets are wrapped in environmentally friendly wrapping


With our vessel return program, we recycle and reuse your vessel. After displaying your floral arrangements, we come back to pick up the empty vessel and use it in future arrangements.

Vessel Return Program

We are committed to help reduce waste by recycling and reusing arrangement vessels.

The process is simple. When you purchase a Blended Farms arrangement, we'll pick up the empty vessel once you're done displaying that arrangement, to be used again in future arrangements.

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Blended Farms

Blended Farms is a small, local, female-owned wellness garden and floral studio offering custom floral arrangements.

We offer one-time arrangements, periodic floral subscriptions and special event catering to the DC metro area, with free delivery in Alexandria ....

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